Alma copy

Alma jumping and shouting, "Yippee!"

Alma is one of the main characters from the book series Poppy Cat and its animated adaption. She is a quiet, giggly and anthropomorphic young female six-year-old orphaned pink and white plush toy European rabbit girl with a soft Western-English accented voice in the UK and a soft Western-American accented voice in the US. Voiced in the UK by Nicola Hornett and in the US by Alicyn Packard.

Bio Edit

She's a charming, melodramatic, and excitable rabbit who is Poppy's other closest best friend and Chester's older sister. She often arrives at Poppy's breathless and worked up about a situation, though in the face of danger, she can be quite blithe, to Mo's chagrin. Alma, who fancies herself quite a singer, often coaxes her best buddy Mo to sing a duet. Mo has an unspoken little crush on Alma and worries about her a bit. The chatty rabbit is a loyal, affectionate friend who loves jewelry, the color pink, and picnics. She treasures a special seashell that Mo gave her to hear the ocean. In the mystery adventures, she wears glasses with fluffy white eyebrows, a red nose and a black pointy beard. Her catchphrases are "Oh, Poppy!", “Yippee!”, "Hoop-dee-doo!" and "Hooray!" Her laugh is a high giggle. Her favorite instrument is a tambourine and a recorder just like Poppy’s, and we hear her play her recorder with Poppy on Joanie Bartels’ hit single “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during the end titles of the 2013 Disney film The Poppy Cat Movie: Poppy’s Big Extraordinary Adventure. She has a little brother named Chester.